Screens placed at the entrance to the office, display live information about space availability - throughout every floor of an office, and throughout every hour of the working day. A straightforward signage system helps the user find exactly where to go, signalling an overdue farewell to the days of the fruitless office expedition. Not only does this save time, it minimises disturbance, aids collaboration, and means that space can be used for its original intended purpose. 


Freespace uses non-disruptive sensors, placed under desks to identify when a space has been left unoccupied. By feeding into a secure workplace cloud, this information can be instantly relayed back to the platform - allowing the freed space to be reused straight away. Other factors including; noise levels, light, humidity and temperature can heavily influence the well-being of an employee, and, with this in mind, data about these are also recorded to allow environmental monitoring.

Secure and simple

Sensors track space, not people. It’s a simple principle that ensures all employees can work with peace of mind. Not only is the data collected completely anonymous, it’s stored in the freespace secure cloud - viewable only to those with the right to view.