Smarter Office

It’s known that behaviour drives behaviour. Take the employee who books a meeting room, “just in case” - a response to other employees doing the very same. It’s a cycle that everyone recognises, but only fair and consistent rule enforcement can break. By using a customisable business rules engine, Freespace can be programmed to release meeting rooms after a designated period of idleness. Likewise, counterproductive behaviours such as ‘desk hogging’ can be consigned to the past; creating a fairer and more transparent office culture.  

Utilise resources effectively

Data collected by Freespace can be analysed to determine whether a change is having its desired effect. By comparing how space is being used before and after a decision is made, it’s simple to evaluate if it’s worth implementing permanently. Analysis tools enable Freespace users to go a step further, providing detailed heatmaps of where and when spaces are being occupied and how they relate to environmental conditions. Will an area be used more if the heating is turned up a little? With Freespace it’s now possible to find out. 


Plan for the future  

Savings don’t just apply to the present. Freespace is the first step to creating a workplace that simultaneously fosters collaboration, increases productivity and improves employee satisfaction. All of these help to keep the best talent on board whilst gaining a competitive advantage when it comes to inticing the next generation. By reducing hiring and training costs the hidden potential of Freespace gradually becomes apparent.