Optimised Estate


Office space does not come cheap. By finding out exactly how space is being utilised it suddenly becomes possible to maximise its use. Freespace disrupts the current systems of room booking - cutting through the convoluted systems and intangible rules, making office use as seamless as possible. All the while keeping real estate costs down. 


On Demand Analytics

Freespace makes it possible to accommodate up to twenty percent more people in the same space, using on demand analytics to see which areas are underoccupied throughout the day. Tools including ‘What-if’ analysis allow decision makers to forecast the impact of different scenarios on occupancy levels based on real-life data, meaning that strategic decisions can be made - with all the evidence at hand.


Actively Manage Space  

Usage patterns allow decision makers to make the most of flexible and remote working in their offices. No longer will spaces be operating over capacity on Tuesday and under capacity on Friday, instead firm historical data gives insights into occupancy levels throughout the whole week - enabling users to proactively manage their spaces, before issues arise.