Businesses are changing, and the workplaces in which they operate are too. The rise of agile and activity based working means that the fixed desk is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, with people instead choosing to work in environments that actually meet their needs. Whether it’s a quiet area designed for contemplation or a collaborative team space, a meeting room or a mezzanine; the workplace is now a reflection of its user. Not the other way around.

With Freespace sensors, it’s now possible to see exactly how employees are using the office, relaying real time information about occupancy straight back to the user. As well as allowing employees to instantly find the ideal space, it gives managers the power to optimise the environment - reducing friction and decreasing the need for costly real estate.

Being able to see, in real time, which spaces are available, with landmarks to orient users, is incredibly useful here and is improving people’s experience of the space. Workplace satisfaction scores have soared and we’ve seen a perceived increase in productivity of 20% since implementation. I would be more than happy to recommend Freespace to anyone looking for a dynamic occupancy solution
— David Barnard, Global IT Manager at SAGE Publishing

space on demand

Office Users obtain live information about available spaces on a managed signage screen in the office. Through a clear colour coded format they can use this data to instantly locate suitable spaces on the floor.

smarter office

Office Managers get deep insight about space usage, environmental conditions and user behaviour. Freespace is more than a real time occupancy solution, it enables data led office space management decisions.

optimised estate

Real Estate Directors track space usage across the portfolio and compare against organisational forecast. Key stakeholders utilise the software to make informed decisions that drive Estate Strategy.